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Breastmilk is best!


Breastfeeding is NOT EASY at the initial stage.

You will cry.

You will have sleepless nights.

And yes, you will say, "I think I don't have milk. Poor baby crying his eyes out coz his hungry"...and start to contemplate on formula feeding. 

I was in that situation after giving birth to my baby girl. Baby cried every 10 minutes. I cried 2 days at the hospital at night because I thought I don't have milk.

Then my sister who is a doctor (busy all the time BUT manage to bf her babies for 2 years. If she can do it, no one else should use the excuse of busy) told me, as long as baby pee and poo, THERE IS MILK. She told me to google COLOSTRUM and from there I found out, baby only need 1 tablespoon of colostrum in first few days. Her tummy is just the size of a marble. There is milk!

New moms who plan to breastfeed, please do not take lightly the importance of breastfeeding classes. Initial stages is not easy. Fathers, your support is important. First few days, moms will be confined at her bed every few hours just to train her breast, body and baby so your support is crucial. Support doesn't mean just saying positive things. Get up together for night time feeds. Help out with housework. Help change diapers and bathe babies. Co parenting is the way to do it. InsyaAllah I guarantee your wife will LOVE YOU EXTRA.

Sebelum beranak dulu memang dah pasang niat nak susukan anak sampai 2 tahun. Alhamdulillah memang selalu amalkan surah Al-Hujurat.

Tambah kuat lagi niat untuk menyusu sehingga 2 tahun bila baca hadith ni :')

4th day dah start mengepam utk buat stok. Supply was ok. Tak banyak tapi oklah nak buat stok. Nurse pun cakap awal-awal ni baby tak minum banyak. So you'll supply according to your baby's needs. Masuk bulan kedua, masa tu dah nak start kerja, milk supply tetiba makin sikit.... 2oz pun seksa nak dapat. Dahla cair sangat. Sambil pam sambil nangis. Sedih sangat. Mcm mana nak susukan Maryam sampai 2tahun niiii kalau 2bulan pun tak lepas? Kakak pulak (masa tu dia baru beranak) sekali pam terus dapat 10oz at least. Lagila sedih. Org kata makan lobak putih, kurma, oat, milo, nasi bebanyak, almond, semua dah makan.

Then i found about Shaklee via Facebook. Ramai cakap Energizing Soy Protein (ESP for short) ni bagus untuk increase milk supply. And formula milk was (and still) not an option for me. Kebetulan my sister Yang (Fatimah) pulak baru berjinak-jinak nak jadi pengedar. Apa lagi teruslah order Full Breastfeeding set.

The complete Shaklee breastfeeding set that changed my life

Alhamdulliah susu jadi pekat dan Maryam pun dah kurang meragam. Bukan nak melakukan ESP since aku pengedar Shaklee sekarang tapi ini kisah benar. After amek ESP for 8months lah then i finally decided untuk jadi pengedar. Simply because i need to share the goodness i obtained from this product coz sharing is caring. And good things are meant to be shared. Kita usaha, inshaAllah Allah bantu. Oh boleh nampak tau kalau aku mengelat ESP je mesti susu merudum balik.

Tapi korang kena ingat, bukan semudah mengambil ESP je untuk increase milk supply ni. Ada pengorbanan yang perlu dibuat. Kakchik (my sis who is a doc and baru deliver 2nd child masa tu) selalu pesan yang Power Pumping itu wajib! It's all about supply & demand mommies!

Breastpump pun memainkan peranan tau. I chose Medela Freestyle; the best investment ever! Paling afdhal pam tetengah malam; between 12am-6am; coz that's when your milk supply is at an optimum level. Bertabahlah bersengkang mata untuk mengepam demi kualiti susu anak anda inshaAllah.

What is Power Pumping you ask? Kalau guna double pump like mine, pump 15mins, rest 10mins, pump 15mins, rest 10mins, pump 15mins. So 3pumping sessions with 2breaks in 1hour. Ada lagi cara lain, contoh untuk yang guna single pump etc. Google aje ;)

To purchase the Shaklee Full Breastfeeding Set you can click HERE or you can always reach out to me.

Breastfeeding for the win yaw!
Still fully breastfeeding my 15months Maryam Sofea
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