Sunday, 19 October 2014

ESPerience It

A lot of my friends been saying that they're either bored with the plain Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein (ESP for short) or they can't stand the soy taste.

Well, I say why not spice the ESP a little bit. Here are some recipes that I've tried for the past few weeks. 

Yummy, no soy taste, no shaker used, no cooking involved and yet SO NUTRITIOUS!

Overnight Oats for breakfast

Definitely on the top of my list.

Rolled Oats
Chia seeds
1-2 tbsp of Shaklee ESP
1 tbsp of Shaklee Meal Shakes
Honey (optional)
Low fat milk (optional)

Mix all well with ratio of oats to milk+water 1:1. Refridgerate overnight. In the morning, add fresh fruits preferably strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries. And maybe some chopped almonds or bits of dark chocolate. Be creative and crazy :)

Overnight Oats with kiwi

Overnight Oats before been sent to rest overnight
Overnight Oats with strawberries

Overnight Oats with bits of Oat Krunch (Dark chocolate) cookies

Fruit smoothie for tea or a snack

Some strawberries or banana or any fuits you like.
2-3 tbsp of Shaklee ESP
Water to your liking

Blend them all together to form your fruit smoothie hooray! Yummy goodness in a cup :)

Banana and strawberry smoothie with crushed Oat Krunch cookies on top

Orange smoothie

Banana smoothie

Protein cubes

This is SUPER EASY i promise.

2 tbsp of Shaklee ESP/Mealshakes/Cinch (Vanilla/Choc/Cafe Latte)

Form a thick mixture and pour them in ice cube containers. You can be creative by using funky shapes and maybe add some chocolate chips for your little one(s). Let them rest in the freezer. When they're frozen, you can eat them raw, put them in your overnight oats or in a hot steaming coacoa. Your pick ;)

ESP + Cinch Cafe Latte cubes

ESP + Cinch Cafe Latte cubes

Overnight Oats with apples and protein cubes yum!

You can also follow @esperience _it on Instagram for more cool ESP recipes.

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Confessions of a Sugarholic

#14daysnosugarchallenge. The Post Mortem. #sweetenoughchallenge

At first, I was a bit sceptical about it. Like do I have to cut sugar totally and can I really benefit from it coz I'm not that much of a sugar fan (in my opinion). Apparently I WAS WRONG!

I used to keep on hearing my mom saying "Jangan asyik makan manis je. Kau tu ada keturunan (diabetes)." 

Ayah saya diabetes and on medication.

Pakcik diabetes sampai kena potong kaki.

Nenek diabetes. 

And my answer was always "Sekali-sekali je Mama."

When the truth is I eat sugar whenever I have the chance to! I can NEVER SAY NO to desserts

After accepting the challenge, I found out that I was actually trying to cheat myself that I don't really eat much sugar when I really do. 


Day 12 - The night of my nephew's birthday party, i quietly chucked in a Mini Belgian Chocolate Magnum Ice Cream in the kitchen alone. I mean who can resist Magnum?!

Day 13 - At my friend's daughter's 1st birthday party, I had two slices of yummy trifle (it was reallly goood), a slice of the vanilla Hello Kitty birthday cake and a blueberry cheese tart. Like a fat kid eating candies! 

Pic credit to Wahidah. Tell me who can resist this??!

NOTE TO SELF and others:
If you plan to join this challenge, start small. Perhaps start with less/no sugar drinks first then only move on to foods. Or you'll become a monster like me.

Today it's Day 19 of less/no sugar for me. I shall continue. My plan is, to avoid birthday parties! if I'm attending a party with a lot of desserts, I'll just take a few bites :)

Tips to stay in the challenge:

#1 Know your weakness and start from there

I'm a sweet tooth. I go Gaga over desserts (any kind from cheese tarts to chocolate cake) and sweet drinks like Strawberry Milkshakes and Hot Chocolate when I go out to eat. 

My solution: Avoid eating out as much as possible. 

#2 Eat lots of fruits

Helps you ward away craving for sugary snacks and drinks. I stocked up my fridge with apples and kiwis the past few weeks.

#3 Start small but be firm

I started with NO SUGAR for my drinks. Strictly Cinch Tea Mix or plain water. And I've also started to drink infused water (will blog about this later). Then eventually I started to feel guilty about eating sugary snacks and rice (gula tinggi tuu). We only have rice ONCE per day or none at all at home and we only eat Basmathi rice. So yeah you gotta start somewhere and eventually you'll figure out the rest.

#4 Know your why(s)

Why do you want to join this challenge? Macam saya, saya ada family history of Diabetes. I also plan to lose weight. Also do some reading on why sugar is bad for you. There are tonnes of infos on the net. And you can also follow sweet_enough_life on Instagram for a lot of info on Sugar. Account is managed my Shaklee mentor - Master Puteri

Follow this IG pasti takuttt nak makan gula dah pasni hehehe

#5 Never skip breakfast

Breakfast like a champ coz it's the most important meal of the day. And it will certainly avoid you from having snack craving before lunch

My current favourite POWER brekkie - Overnight Oats

1 tbsp of ESP (to replace Milk)
1 tbsp of Meal Shakes
Few pieces of pitted prunes
6 tbsp of Oats
Refrigerate overnight
Add in kiwi (or your preferred fresh fruits) in the morning!

#6 Learn to read the Nutrition labels

Sebelum ni tak pernah kisah nak check labels. Since I started to join this challenge, I learnt that anything with sugar content more than 12 grams is not good. Also search for foods with low GI (like ESP, Cinch and Meal Shakes) Don't be fooled by so-called nutrition bars. Choose wisely.

Untuk makluman lanjut tentang produk dan bisnes Shaklee,
HUBUNGI SAYA | Sumaiyah | 6012-7428446 |

Friday, 3 October 2014

8 Tips to Lose Weight Postpartum While Breastfeeding

Tip #1

Do not overeat thinking that u need to eat for your baby. Just eat a well balanced diet.  

Eat well

Tip #2
Do not skip breakfast. Even if you're not breastfeeding. Because it will make you more hungry and less energized even before lunch time. For a breastfeeding mother, it is recommended to have a high protein breakfast as it can help meet their increased protein needs (20 grams if you're breast feeding) , which can help maximize milk production. My current favourite breakfast is Overnight Oats. It's just oats, ESP, Meal Shakes and pitted prunes left overnight in the fridge and pop in some honey and fresh fruits when you have it in the morning. Certainly an On-The-Go brekkie (not to forget HEALTHY).

Yummy Overnight Oats with Kiwi - the Before

Tip #3

Eat supplements. Seriously. Because u need all the energy to stay awake, stay fit, stay energized, stay healthy for your baby. When you're healthy and happy, eventually inshaAllah (with Allah's will) you'll have a good milk supply and you'll have more energy to take care of your baby. The first six months are definitely the toughest. Click HERE to read on supplements that I take during my breastfeeding journey.

Tip #4 

If you can't exercise, detox and burn those fat with natural foods and supplements. Exercise is quiet difficult during the first six months (at least for me. Until now). So what I do is go for Shaklee (coz it's natural and it doesn't interfere with my milk production. In fact it aids me with breastfeeding. No I am not being biased just because I'm selling them. I;m just sharing my experience as a user myself. I take Alfalfa for detox, Lecithin to burn fat and  ESP to build muscle to make sure they don't go all flabby. Best part is Alfalfa and ESP both helps to improve the quality of my milk by making it thicker. Lecithin on the other hand also helps to reduce breast engorgement.

If you're exercising, start with some light movements

Tip #5

Remember that because all of this is natural DO NOT expect fast results. However expect slow and steady results which you can mange to sustain with a healthier lifestyle.

Tip #6

Recently, I just discovered that green tea can help a lot in losing weight by helping to detox. I've been drinking Shaklee Cinch Tea Mix for about 20 days plus now. I feel lighter and suprisingly it wards away my hunger and craving for caffeinated coffee. Read how I drink my tea HERE.

Tip #7

This is the basic but people tend to forget. DRINK A LOT. At least 2 Litres a day. Because the more you drink, the more u lose your 'gemuk air'. Helps your milk production too. If you're not so keen to drink plain water. Try infused water - very refreshing.

Infused water - Water with slices of lemon, cucumber and kiwi to be left overnight in the fridge.

Tip #8

Last but not least, anything good that you practiced during pregnancy; less sugary drinks and foods, junk food etc, just continue. Those bad habits will not help you lose weight nor stay healthy. Join me in my #sweetenoughchallenge if you are having problem to resist sugar like I do. I used to love to drink hot chocolate, strawberry milkshakes and teh tarik. Nowadays, when I drink outside or go to a friend/relative's house, I ask for a cup of hot water and add on my Cinch Tea Mix (which is always in my handbag).

Just remember, health and baby's milk comes first, then eventually, you'll lose weight :) 

Lots of love,
Mom of Maryam Sofea, engineer and Shaklee entrepeneur,
Sumaiyah Abd Ghani
IG: sumaiyahag
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Thursday, 25 September 2014

A cup of Hot Cinch Tea with Lemon

Semenjak menjebakkan diri dengan #sweetenoughchallenge dan #14daysnosugarchallenge ni (tak sangka dah masuk hari ke-25), saya makin cinta pada  Shaklee Cinch Energy Tea Mix.

Kali pertama bertentang mata hihi

Apakah sebenarnya Cinch Energy Tea Mix?

Ianya tiada gula tambahan seperti yang tertera pada kotaknya (sesuai dengan #14daysnosugarchallenge saya) dan sebenarnya terdiri daripada 3 jenis teh eksotik.

#1 Teh Putih
- membantutkan pembinaan sel lemak
- mengurangkan keinginan untuk makan

#2 Teh Merah
- mengurangkan selera makan

#3Teh Hijau Matcha
- mengandungi antioksidan EGCG yang meningkatkan metabolisme dan pembakaran lemak

Tapi minum kosong camtu je bosan juga after a while.

So i tried adding LEMONS yesterday.

Beautiful lemons

And it was really good!


Antara kelebihan yang amat menarik perhatian saya ialah Lemon ni membantu mempercepatkan proses penurunan berat badan. Secawan air lemon mengandungi kurang dari 25 kalori. MENANG

16 Kelebihan Minum Warm Lemon Water Dari Sudut Kesihatan

1. Lemon sumber yang bagus dan kaya dengan vitamin C; nutrien yang bagus untuk meningkatkan sistem imunisasi kita. Saya juga ambil Sustained Release Vita-C dan Nutriferon untuk tujuan yang sama.

2. Lemon mengandungi pectin fiber yang sangat bermanfaat untuk kesihatan kolon dan antibakteria yang hebat.

3. Lemon mengimbangkan tahap pH dalam badan.

4. Minum Warm Lemon Water (atau Warm Lemon Cinch Tea) di waktu pagi membantu pembuangan toxin dari badan

5. Memudahkan proses penghadaman. Herb-Lax dan Alfalfa juga dapat membantu anda macam ianya amat membantu saya lebih-lebih lagi selepas bersalin.

6. Sumber citric acid, potassium, kalsium, fosforus dan magnesium yang bagus.

7. Bantu kurangkan pembiakan pathogenic bacteria yang menyebabkan jangkitan dan penyakit.

8. Bantu kurangkan kesakitan dan inflamasi di sendi dan lutut kerana lemon menyingkirkan uric acid. Omega Guard juga boleh bantu kurangkan inflamasi manakala Advanced Joint Health Tablet (AJHT) baik untu kesihatan sendi.

9. Bantu merawat selsema. Lepas ni boleh try Performance Drink+Nutriferon+Lemon dan telan sebiji Sustained Release Vita-C yang dipatah dua.

10. Kandungan potasium dalam Lemon membantu untuk menyuburkan otak dan sel-sel saraf

11. Menguatkan hati dengan membekalkan tenaga kepada enzim-enzimnya bila ianya terlalu cair.

12. Bantu seimbangkan tahap kalsium dan oksigen dalam hati. Jika berlaku pedih ulu hati, minum segelas jus lemon yang pekat dapat meredakannya.

13. Sangat baik untuk kulit dan mengelakkan pembentukan kedutan dan jerawat. Idaman setiap wanita! Campurkan lemon dalam air Vivix atau air Collagen Powder (sekarang sedang promosi beli 6 kotak percuma 1 kotak sehingga hujung bulan!) anda pasti terbaik hasilnya!

14. Bantu mengekalkan kesihatan mata dan menentang masalah berkaitan mata. Minum jus lemon dan amalkan juga Carotomax untuk penjagaan mata.

15. Bantu penghasilan jus penghadaman.

16. Jus lemon membantu untuk menggantikan semula kandungan garam dalam badan lebih-lebih lagi selepas sesi workout. Apa kata campurkan lemon dalam Performance Drink lepas ni? Yum!


Nampak tak keserasian Cinch Tea Mix ni dengan lemon di situ? :D

Very refreshing!

Semua benda pun rasa nak letak lemon lepas baca ni kan? Hehehe.
Klik SINI untuk terus membeli Cinch Energy Tea Mix
atau beli suplemen Shaklee yang lain di SINI.   

Boleh juga hubungi saya. 
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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Macam mana nak jadi ahli Shaklee?

Assalamualaikum. Hello semua!

Ya ampunn lamanya tak update blog!

Ok harini nak cerita pasal keahlian Shaklee. Tak sangka rupanya ramai lagi ye tak tau macam mana nak jadi ahli Shaklee.

Berikut FAQ yang saya biasa terima:

Q: Macam mana nak jadi ahli? Nak kena daftar kat siapa? Kat mana?
A: Senang je. Hubungi je memana Shaklee Independent Distributor (SID) yang anda kenal. Boleh juga walk in di memana branch tapi tak digalakkan. Sebab nanti kalau anda nak tanya apa-apa nak tanya kat siapa. Takpun kalau anda tetiba terbuka hati nak buat business takde sape nak bimbing. Ha gituu. So contact ke SID ke senang cerita.

Q: Berapa yuran keahlian?
A: RM65 (+RM10 untuk penghantaran member kit) untuk keahlian semur hidup. TAPI anda juga boleh dapat keahlian PERCUMA dengan pembelian produk bernilai 200UV ke atas. Contohnya:
1. 2 botol Vivix
2. 3 kotak Shaklee Collagen Powder
3. 1 botol Vivix + 1 kotak Shaklee Collagen Powder + 1 Sustained Release Vita-C
4. Apa-apa produk lain yang jumlahnya 200UV dalam 1 pembelian.

Senang ke senang? :D

Q: Apa untungnya jadi ahli ni?
1. 20-25% potongan harga ke atas semua produk Shaklee
2. Boleh buat pembelian sendiri secara atas talian (online).
3. Dengan pembelian bernilai sekurang-kurangnya 150UV, anda boleh dapat cash rebate pada 14hb bulan seterusnya.
4. Kalau tetiba terasa nak buat business, dah ada platform tersedia! 

Nak daftar sebagai ahli Shaklee atau berminat memulakan business online?
Hubungi saya. Pengedar sah Shaklee kegemaran anda! (SID: 1097781)

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Monday, 15 September 2014

#sweetenoughchallenge Day 1

Ceritanya minggu lepas saya menerima cabaran Master Puteri untuk join #sweetenoughchallenge iaitu #14daysnosugarchallenge di Facebook group Puteri & Friends (PAF). 

Syarat-syaratnya ialah:

1. Tiada pengambilan sebarang jenis gula termasuk gula tiruan dan susu pekat manis dalam makanan dan minuman selama 14 hari dari 15 September hingga 28 September 2014. 

2. Boleh dapatkan gula dari sumber asli iaitu buah-buahan dan madu. Kalau termakan gula, takpe, teruskan je cabaran sebab kadang-kadang memang susah nak elak gula dalam makanan harian kita. Tapi paling tidak kita dah cuba kurangkan pengambilan gula.

3. Yang paling penting, challenge ini taklah sampai jadikan anda depressed atau jatuh sakit. Kenali sumber gula yang paling menjadi kelemahan anda. Macam saya paling suka desserts jadi mungkin saya boleh fokus untuk kurangkan atau tidak makan langsung desserts itu dulu.

Mula-mula tu macam reluctant jugak. Tahap gula saya pun taklah tinggi. Last checked 4.9. Tapi memandangkan saya memang perlu turunkan berat badan kehidupan yang lebih sihat, seorang sweet tooth (mama selalu cakap saya suka sangat makan benda manis macam abah dan abah pernah dikesan dibaetes) yang hebat dan exercise pula amatlah sukar untuk saya sekarang (alasan!), jadi saya fikir ini satu permulaan yang amat baik. So I'm in!!

Ok. Jadi berikut hari pertama #14daysnosugarchallenge saya: 

Pepagi buka mata telan alfalfa dan vitamin C. Pastu minum air kosong. 

Breakfast bihun, buah dukong (kebetulan kakak bawak dari kampung) dan air kosong.

Pukul 10am rasa macam lapar sikit cepat-cepat bancuh ESP+Meal Shakes supaya tak kebulur time lunch nanti. Dua-dua ni juga low Glysemic Index (GI). Maksudnya, kedua-dua ESP dan Meal Shakes tak meninggikan kandungan gula dalam badanMemang berkesan! Perut tak mengaum sementara tunggu lunch.

Lunch pukul 12pm makan ikan pari masak asam pedas di kedai (probably ada added sugar hurmm) tapi nasi makan secubit je so kurang gula di situ (nasi kan ada gula juga). Bangga gilaaa berjaya tahan nafsu beli kuih cara (seperti gambar di bawah) kegemaran!

Terliur taaaaakkk??

Balik rumah snack on Jambu Batu (kebetulan kakak bawak dari kampung juga. oh sungguh bertuah haritu) dan almonds. Berjaya tahan nafsu lagi daripada makan kek lapis sarawak Oreo yang mak mentua belikan minggu lepas. Nasib baik dah merasa weekend baru ni hehe.

Malam ni plan nak masak ayam bakar dan kukus sayur brocolli dan lobak merah. 

Ok tak my first day of #sweetenoughchallenge? Hihi

P/s: Sila follow IG sweet_enough_challenge untuk menyertai cabaran ini dan keterangan lanjut.

Sumaiyah | 012-7428446
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MEAL SHAKES not just for kids

Selalu kita dengar MEAL SHAKES untuk kanak-kanak.

Selalu juga kita dengar minuman Protein shake dijadikan meal replacement untuk menguruskan badan. 

Namun begitu, MEAL SHAKES yang mengandungi 19 Vitamin dan Mineral tentunya bukan protein shake biasa. Ia minuman untuk melengkapkan nutrien yang kurang dalam badan. Maka, ia bukan sahaja baik untuk kanak-kanak malah baik juga untuk orang dewasa. 

It's a multivitamin in the form of a yummy shake! :o

Golongan dewasa mana yang sesuai minum/makan Meal Shakes?

1. Ibu hamil yang selalu loya dan tak lalu nak makan. Dengan Mealshakes, ibu-ibu tak perlu risau kekurangan nutrien untuk diri dan anak. Ianya multivitamin yang mengenyangkan dan memberi tenaga. Rasanya pun sesedap aiskrim vanilla. Saya sarankan juga untuk turut ambil Ostematrix (sumber kalsium untuk anda dan kandungan), Sustained Release Vita-C (kekuatan gigi, gusi dan tulang) dan Omega Guard (bermula Trimester ke-2 untuk perkembangan otak bayi).

2. Orang tua yang sakit terlantar dan tak lalu makan (dan mungkin juga tiada gigi). Mealshakes mudah disediakan dan dihadamkan. Hanya 1-2sudu dibancuh dengan air atau susu dan minum mampu memberi khasiat yang tinggi.

3. Ibu menyusu yang kerap pening selepas mengepam atau menyusukan dan tak suka makan pil. Mealshakes pilihan terbaik untuk anda kerana ia juga mengandungi zat besi. Sumber protein juga dapat memekatkan susu. Selain itu, anda juga saya sarankan untuk ambil ESP (sumber protein), Ostematrix (sumber kalsium untuk gigi dan tulang yang sihat), Sustained Release Vita-C (meningkatkan sistem imun) dan Alfalfa (milk booster dan memudahkan penyahtinjaan)

4. Ingin tambah berat. Meal Shakes boleh digabungkan dengan B-Complex dan Vitalea untuk menambah selera makan dan cukupkan nutrien dalam badan sebab ada setengah orang tu kurus sebab selalu ngelat makan maka tak cukup nutrien. Tambah ESP atau Cinch untuk efek otot2 untuk lelaki dan tak menggelebeh untuk perempuan.

5. Bekalan berpuasa. Set 'Mighty 3 Gems' - Meal Shakes, ESP dan Performance Drink amat disarankan ketika bersahur (atau sarapan). Ini kerana kita akan kurang minum air ketika berpuasa tapi kita ingin kekal bertenaga dan fokus di tempat kerja (atau di sekolah untuk anak-anak) kan?  Sebenarnya, selain kaya dengan protein dan vitamin, set ini juga mampu memastikan anda kekal terhidrat. Saya dah cuba sahur dengan 'Mighty 3 Gems' ni pada Ramadhan lepas dan memang sangat membantu saya untuk kekal bertenaga dan terhidrat. Kalau tak letih tu bukan puasa la namanya. Tapi takdelah layu berbanding puasa-puasa saya sebelum ni.

Kebetulan, bulan ni Meal Shakes beli 3 tong percuma 1 tong. Ibu boleh minum, nenek boleh minum, anak pun boleh :) Lengkap satu set siap dapat percuma 1 lagi. Berbaloi-baloi!

Istimewa untuk bulan ini dan bulan depan, sambil membeli, anda juga boleh beramal kerana dengan setiap pembelian, Shaklee akan sumbangkan 10% ke 2000 rumah anak-anak kurang bernasib baik selama setahun

Shaklee is not all about business, We care for our children :)

Klik di sini untuk membeli Meal Shakes atau hubungi saya.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Start an awesome habit today!

If you've never recited the mathurat, start today.
If you've never had breakfast, start today.
If you've never performed dhuha prayers, start today.
If you've never recited the holy Quran, start today.
If you've never prayed on time, start today.
If you've never cooked a meal for yourself/your family, start today.
If you've never exercised, start today.
If you've never said 'I love you' to your parents or spouse, start today.
If you've never thought about having a retirement plan, start planning today.
If you haven't started saving, start today.

P/s: Add more awesome habits in the comments below :)

Shaklee Independent Distributor: 1097781

Dear nursing working mommies

Here are some tips that I think are worth sharing for a good milk supply. Just beacause I'm one of you and I know how it feels :)

#1 Invest in a good breastpump.

I choose Medela Freestyle because it's so convenient for us busy career woman. I can pump with my eyes closed, while I'm doing my house chores, while I'm at my workstation, in the car; even while I'm driving (not recommended but do-able).

My life saviour!

This is my personal preference. You can choose whichever pump that suits you best. 

Just remember that being comfortable while expressing your milk is the key because when you're comfortable, your mind will receive positive signals and thus you'll be able to be more productive :) 

Some say that looking at your little one's picture or video while expressing can help too. I did this during the early stages of expressing at the office and It did help me to be more positive. 

On top of that, I also include zikr (Ya Matin - means the most unbrakable might) and prayers to Allah (for me to able to breastfeed my little one till she's 2 years old and may my breastfeeding journey be eased) while expressing.

#2 Invest in nutritious food and supplements.

When you're breastfeeding, you have to remember that you not only need to provide nutrients for your little one but you need to ensure that your body is fit enough for feeding. Anything that goes into you're body you will be sharing them with your mini. If you don't get enough calcium, your little one might be 'stealing' it all away and what's left for you is only a toothless grin. Scary, huh?

As adviced by my mother and from my personal reading (read: Google.hehe), these help increase milk supply:

- white radish (lobak putih in Malay). Usually my mom will just steam it during confinement but it doesn't taste so good.

- turnip (sengkuang in Malay)
- Oats

- Dates. Snack on it.

- almonds

- Fenugreek (halba in Malay). Boil the fenugreek and drink the boiled water OR you can just the purchase the Fenugreek pills from GNC ehe.

- anything with high fibre and protein

- rice 

- lots and lots of H2O (water in case you don't know hehe)

- Recipes I got from my sister's tukang urut:
1. Fresh milk HL + serbuk badam panggang + kismis kuning + honey = make a milkshake out of em.

2. Beli dr kedai Cina - longan kering + red dates + gula batu = boil em and drink the boiled water.

- Shaklee breastfeeding set (click HERE to purchase). This set can be consumed upon delivery except Alfalfa as it contains herbs. I totally recommend Shaklee supplements coz I've consumed them and I experienced great results from them. Not only did the supplements increased my milk supply, they also increased the quality of my milk, made me less lethargic and my skin that used to be scaly and dry turned to smooth and supple. Read about my breastfeeding journey with Shaklee in my previous post "Breastmilk is Best!".

#3 Most importantly, invest your unconditional love and time for your little one.

Your child will only be a baby once. Then, they'll be start crawling, walking, going to college and next thing you know they'll be getting married and will be having their own kid. Then, you'll definitely miss those intimate breastfeeding moments. Even now that my little Maryam is only one and a half years old, I can't imagine her not clinging on me. Sadddd. 

Waittt. I am missing my point here. What I meant is, when you spend more time with your little one, she/he will naturally be attached to you. And when there is demand, there will be supply, inshaAllah.

#4 Stay postive!

Your brain can sense your positivity and send signals to your body to produce milk. 

Remember, moms are designed to breastfeed their child(ren) so do not lose hope. 

If you're feeling low, reach for support. Your spouse, your family, your friends or even a Facebook support group should boost up your confidence. Share your fears. Know that you are not alone! Afterall, it's the natural thing to do.

Lots of love,
Mom of Maryam Sofea, engineer and Shaklee entrepeneur,
Sumaiyah Abd Ghani
IG: sumaiyahag
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Sunday, 7 September 2014




Sewaktu mengandungkan anak saya tahun lalu, saya memang dah bertekad nak menyusukan anak selama 2 tahun seperti disarankan dalam Islam. Selepas melahirkan anak sulung saya pada Mac 2013, baru saya tahu betapa peritnya menyusukan anak. Dalam tempoh berpantang, susu saya merudum teruk. Rasa sedih sangat sangat air mata mengalir lajuuuu je masa tu. Selepas a lot of research (Google and asking around) saya bertemu dengan Shaklee. Saya beli set menyusu. Saya guna. Hasilnya sangat memberansangkan! Susu jadi pekat! Sembelit tiada lagi! Rasa lebih bertenaga! 

Perkara baik takkan nak simpan sorang-sorang kan? Saya pasti ramaaai ibu di luar sana yang boleh dapat manfaat dari Shaklee juga macam saya. Lebih-lebih lagi rakan-rakan saya yang rata-rata memang ibu baru, bakal ibu atau bakal berkahwin pada waktu itu. Saya nak bantu mereka untuk capai impian menyusukan anak juga. Saya nak mereka rasa apa yang saya rasa. Saya suka sangat bila rakan pejabat atau kawan lama tanya saya tips-tips masih menyusukan anak (anak saya sekarang setahun 5bulan). Saya akan semangat bercerita termasuk suplemen Shaklee yang saya amalkan.

Bila rakan-rakan lihat dan rasakan perubahan positif dari suplemen Shaklee dan amalan-amalan lain yang saya kongsi, mereka dengan sendiri nak rasakan kesan yang sama seterusnya nak sarankan kepada kawan mereka pula. Jadi, tanpa sedar sebuah empayar perniagaan telah terbina. Sesuai lah dengan konsep "bantu orang untuk bantu orang lain" (Help others to help others).

Salah satu konsep USE, SHARE, BUILD.
Next week alan jumpa my future biz partner ni inshaAllah

Mudah tak berShaklee?

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Friday, 5 September 2014

Beli Shaklee melalui e-SELL

Manusia ni macam-macam ragam.

Ada yang malu, ada yang segan, ada yang tak suka jumpa orang, ada yang malu tapi mahuuu hehehe.

Jadi mungkin atas sebab-sebab di atas Shaklee telah melancarkan e-sell selepas National Conference tempoh hari.

Klik di sini untuk melihat senarai produk Shaklee dan membuat tempahan atau klik di gambar di sideline :)

Anda juga boleh melihat senarai produk berserta gambar dan penerangan di sini atau Google aje hihi.

Selamat membeli-belah!

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Shaklee 101

Hi dan Assalamualaikum..

Baca dengan nada penuh santai dan kasih sayang :)

Wahai sahabat,
Ketahuilah Shaklee adalah suplemen atau atau makanan tambahan bukanlah ubat. Shaklee bukan bertujuan untuk merawat tapi ia untuk membantu anda mendapatkan nutrien yang secukuonya dan hidup lebih sihat. Sebab tu kalau customer ada penyakit yang kritikal dan pelik-pelik, saya selalu suka sarankan dia rujuk doktor dahulu sebelum beli apa-apa suplemen Shaklee.

Wahai sahabat,
Saya antara pengamal tegar Shaklee sejak April 2013 dan Shaklee banyaaak bantu saya. Shaklee bantu saya pekatkan susu (di saat-saat kritikal hingga sekarang), masa sembelit dalam pantang yang amat perittt dan transform kulit dari kering bersisik ke lembut dan lembap alhamdulillah.

Wahai sahabat,
Selain cari penjual yang berwibawa dan berilmu yang akan pastikan sejarah penyakit anda sebelum rekemen vitamin, kita sendiri pun kena tau penyakit kita kerana penjual bukan doktor mahupun ahli nujum. Kita sendiri pun kena berilmu. Contohnya ada sorang customer saya tu baru lepas ops Cyst and nak beli set kurus, awal-awal dia make sure produk yang dia beli tak berunsurkan soya. Pastu kalau beli set kurus tapi makan tak ingat dunia jugak, tak exercise dan makan suplemen pun secara tak efisien janganlah salahkan penjual kalau berat makin naik. There is no shorcut in life, darling. Shaklee (or any supplements) is not only about losing weight but changing your lifestyle.

Wahai penjual, 
Kenalilah produk yang kita jual. Tak kiralah apa yang anda jual.  Nak kenal, kenalah gali ilmu. Macam Shaklee, kami ada Bengkel Nutrisi dan Health and Welness Talk setiap bulan. Saya juga suka tanya soalan pada pakar nutrisi dan doktor perubatan (kebetulan 3 kakak dan abang saya doktor) jika ada sebarang kemusykilan. Sebabtu kalau nak beli makeup or nak mintak makeup consultation, saya selalu tengok dulu makeup orang yang jual tu. Kalau dia pun makeup ke mana cemano nak consult kita ye dak?

Wahai penjual,
Menjuallah kerana ingin membantu bukan kerana ingin mengaut keuntungan. Sesungguhnya, rezeki Allah itu luas. 

Sekian coretan dari saya.
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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Naturally beautiful from the inside, that shows from the outside...

Semua nak nampak naturally beautiful kan? Nak keluar makeup light2 je takmau pakai concealer mahupun foundation tetabal. Kalau boleh tamai pakai apa2 makeup pun (itu saya), Untuk mencapai hasrat itu, kulit kenalah naturally beatiful dulu betul tak?

Get this flawless look! (ihsan Google)

Awas, nak cantik cepat jangan salah pilih produk. Buat research dulu. Banyak produk di pasaran yang banyak chemical dan mengundang bahaya! In Shaklee, when they say they do research, a group of scientists do their research. And they are serious about it. And they don't compromise on the ingredients used to produce each product.

Kolagen amat terkenal sekarang ni di kalangan wanita untuk mencantikkan, meningkatkan keanjalan, melicinkan dan menggebukan kulit. Tapi tau tak collagen cream bukanlah pilihan terbaik sebab ia hanya cover kecelaan pada kulit dari luar je. Sedangkan collagen supplements; to be consumed orally, mengurangkan kecelaan itu (wrinkles contohnya) dengan membekalkan kolagen pada lapisan dalam kulit (dermis). Oh seawal 20tahun paras kolagen kita semakin berkurang tau. Dan sumber kolagen paling baik ialah hidupan laut especially ikan. Sebab tulah orang Jepun mostly kulit flawless :o Kolagen memang boleh dapat juga dari tumbuhan dan haiwan tapi kandungan kolagennya tak dapat menandingi ikan.

Ikan merah atau red snapper fish yang goreng pun sodappp (ihsan Google)

Shaklee Collagen Powder (SCP) yang diperbuat daripada sisik ikan merah (red snapper fish) yang tahan tekanan sedalam 5km dalam laut ini terbukti berkesan. Kesannya, mengikut saintis Shaklee boleh dilihat selepas 8minggu. Tapi kata orang-orang yang pernah makan SCP, seawal 2 minggu dah boleh nampak kesan dah :) Saya sempat makan 7 kali je pada bulan April tempoh hari jadi tak perasan sangat kesannya. Please take note that rasanya memang tak sedap langsung! Rasa hanyir. Tapi, beauty is pain kan? Plus berat molekul kolagennya yang hanya 1000 dalton amat mudah diserap oleh badan; especially in it's purest form, without mixing it into your drink or food. Kalau tak tahan sangat, letak lah dalam orange juice atau ribena. Boleh je hehe. 

Macam ni lah ghopenye sachet SCP itu

7 collagen sticks pemberian Master Aishah hasil tuaian lumayan bulan Mac.
Walaupun tak dapat jadi Supervisor tapi sangat gumbira :D

The Shaklee Difference:
Shaklee Collagen Powder mengandungi vitamin B6. Makanya selain dari kita kelihatan awet muda, otak juga cerdas seperti orang muda. Ini baru betul-betul sihat luar dalam!

Oh kalau nak makan, pastikan tau cara makan yang paling efektif. Rujuklah SID yang dipercayai. Macam saya :")

P/s: Don't worry, it's breastfeeding friendly but do check with your doctor if you or your little one is allergic to seafood. However, this is totally out of bound for pregnant mommas. Sorry!

Ramuan Shaklee Collagen Powder

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Breastmilk is best!


Breastfeeding is NOT EASY at the initial stage.

You will cry.

You will have sleepless nights.

And yes, you will say, "I think I don't have milk. Poor baby crying his eyes out coz his hungry"...and start to contemplate on formula feeding. 

I was in that situation after giving birth to my baby girl. Baby cried every 10 minutes. I cried 2 days at the hospital at night because I thought I don't have milk.

Then my sister who is a doctor (busy all the time BUT manage to bf her babies for 2 years. If she can do it, no one else should use the excuse of busy) told me, as long as baby pee and poo, THERE IS MILK. She told me to google COLOSTRUM and from there I found out, baby only need 1 tablespoon of colostrum in first few days. Her tummy is just the size of a marble. There is milk!

New moms who plan to breastfeed, please do not take lightly the importance of breastfeeding classes. Initial stages is not easy. Fathers, your support is important. First few days, moms will be confined at her bed every few hours just to train her breast, body and baby so your support is crucial. Support doesn't mean just saying positive things. Get up together for night time feeds. Help out with housework. Help change diapers and bathe babies. Co parenting is the way to do it. InsyaAllah I guarantee your wife will LOVE YOU EXTRA.

Sebelum beranak dulu memang dah pasang niat nak susukan anak sampai 2 tahun. Alhamdulillah memang selalu amalkan surah Al-Hujurat.

Tambah kuat lagi niat untuk menyusu sehingga 2 tahun bila baca hadith ni :')

4th day dah start mengepam utk buat stok. Supply was ok. Tak banyak tapi oklah nak buat stok. Nurse pun cakap awal-awal ni baby tak minum banyak. So you'll supply according to your baby's needs. Masuk bulan kedua, masa tu dah nak start kerja, milk supply tetiba makin sikit.... 2oz pun seksa nak dapat. Dahla cair sangat. Sambil pam sambil nangis. Sedih sangat. Mcm mana nak susukan Maryam sampai 2tahun niiii kalau 2bulan pun tak lepas? Kakak pulak (masa tu dia baru beranak) sekali pam terus dapat 10oz at least. Lagila sedih. Org kata makan lobak putih, kurma, oat, milo, nasi bebanyak, almond, semua dah makan.

Then i found about Shaklee via Facebook. Ramai cakap Energizing Soy Protein (ESP for short) ni bagus untuk increase milk supply. And formula milk was (and still) not an option for me. Kebetulan my sister Yang (Fatimah) pulak baru berjinak-jinak nak jadi pengedar. Apa lagi teruslah order Full Breastfeeding set.

The complete Shaklee breastfeeding set that changed my life

Alhamdulliah susu jadi pekat dan Maryam pun dah kurang meragam. Bukan nak melakukan ESP since aku pengedar Shaklee sekarang tapi ini kisah benar. After amek ESP for 8months lah then i finally decided untuk jadi pengedar. Simply because i need to share the goodness i obtained from this product coz sharing is caring. And good things are meant to be shared. Kita usaha, inshaAllah Allah bantu. Oh boleh nampak tau kalau aku mengelat ESP je mesti susu merudum balik.

Tapi korang kena ingat, bukan semudah mengambil ESP je untuk increase milk supply ni. Ada pengorbanan yang perlu dibuat. Kakchik (my sis who is a doc and baru deliver 2nd child masa tu) selalu pesan yang Power Pumping itu wajib! It's all about supply & demand mommies!

Breastpump pun memainkan peranan tau. I chose Medela Freestyle; the best investment ever! Paling afdhal pam tetengah malam; between 12am-6am; coz that's when your milk supply is at an optimum level. Bertabahlah bersengkang mata untuk mengepam demi kualiti susu anak anda inshaAllah.

What is Power Pumping you ask? Kalau guna double pump like mine, pump 15mins, rest 10mins, pump 15mins, rest 10mins, pump 15mins. So 3pumping sessions with 2breaks in 1hour. Ada lagi cara lain, contoh untuk yang guna single pump etc. Google aje ;)

To purchase the Shaklee Full Breastfeeding Set you can click HERE or you can always reach out to me.

Breastfeeding for the win yaw!
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Sunday, 22 June 2014

The awesome ESP that changed my life

Bismillah. This is my first ever entry.

Di kelas Blogging For Millionaires (BFM) 2.0 kelolaan Master Aishah Amin.

Kami diberi hanya 10minit untuk menyiapkan entri mengenai kenangan bersama ESP ini. So here goes...

Memula kenal Shaklee, specifically Energizing Soy Protein atau nama manjanya ESP ni, rasanya macam kebanyakan ibu lain. Selepas bersalin dan perlu menyusu anak.

Selepas dapat tahu pregnant memang dah nekad dapat anak nanti mesti menyusu penuh anak selama 2 tahun. Tak boleh jadi tidak. Little did I know It won't be as easy as it sounds...

So nak pendekkan cerita, selepas bersalin, saya memang sangat struggle dengan produksi susu. Sehinggakan anak saya perlu dimasukkan ke NICU pada hari ke-7 kelahiran kerana dehydrated. Sedih memang sedih tapi saya dah nekad. Saya yakin setiap ibu memang dicipta untuk menyusukan anaknya. Maka google punya google saya terjumpa ramai ibu menyusu dapat manfaat dari Shaklee dan kebetulan kakak saya baru sahaja berdaftar sebagai distributor Shaklee. Saya pun belilah set lengkap menyusu Shaklee termasuklah ESP tu. 

Alangkah bahagianya after few days of consuming ESP serta Alfalfa, saya dapat rasakan the 'let down' feeling dan anak menyusu dengan bahagia. Lena tidurnya. Bila pam susu, susu nampak lebih pekat dan akhirnya dapat buat stok yang berkualiti.

Tapi yang paling best dan tak sangka langsung, kulit muka saya yang dulu kering kontang (walau dah cuba pelbagai moisturizer), sekarang dah lembut :D Alhamdulillhah rupanya ESP ini ada efek berganda uols! Aint that just AWESOME! 

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