Saturday, 4 October 2014

Confessions of a Sugarholic

#14daysnosugarchallenge. The Post Mortem. #sweetenoughchallenge

At first, I was a bit sceptical about it. Like do I have to cut sugar totally and can I really benefit from it coz I'm not that much of a sugar fan (in my opinion). Apparently I WAS WRONG!

I used to keep on hearing my mom saying "Jangan asyik makan manis je. Kau tu ada keturunan (diabetes)." 

Ayah saya diabetes and on medication.

Pakcik diabetes sampai kena potong kaki.

Nenek diabetes. 

And my answer was always "Sekali-sekali je Mama."

When the truth is I eat sugar whenever I have the chance to! I can NEVER SAY NO to desserts

After accepting the challenge, I found out that I was actually trying to cheat myself that I don't really eat much sugar when I really do. 


Day 12 - The night of my nephew's birthday party, i quietly chucked in a Mini Belgian Chocolate Magnum Ice Cream in the kitchen alone. I mean who can resist Magnum?!

Day 13 - At my friend's daughter's 1st birthday party, I had two slices of yummy trifle (it was reallly goood), a slice of the vanilla Hello Kitty birthday cake and a blueberry cheese tart. Like a fat kid eating candies! 

Pic credit to Wahidah. Tell me who can resist this??!

NOTE TO SELF and others:
If you plan to join this challenge, start small. Perhaps start with less/no sugar drinks first then only move on to foods. Or you'll become a monster like me.

Today it's Day 19 of less/no sugar for me. I shall continue. My plan is, to avoid birthday parties! if I'm attending a party with a lot of desserts, I'll just take a few bites :)

Tips to stay in the challenge:

#1 Know your weakness and start from there

I'm a sweet tooth. I go Gaga over desserts (any kind from cheese tarts to chocolate cake) and sweet drinks like Strawberry Milkshakes and Hot Chocolate when I go out to eat. 

My solution: Avoid eating out as much as possible. 

#2 Eat lots of fruits

Helps you ward away craving for sugary snacks and drinks. I stocked up my fridge with apples and kiwis the past few weeks.

#3 Start small but be firm

I started with NO SUGAR for my drinks. Strictly Cinch Tea Mix or plain water. And I've also started to drink infused water (will blog about this later). Then eventually I started to feel guilty about eating sugary snacks and rice (gula tinggi tuu). We only have rice ONCE per day or none at all at home and we only eat Basmathi rice. So yeah you gotta start somewhere and eventually you'll figure out the rest.

#4 Know your why(s)

Why do you want to join this challenge? Macam saya, saya ada family history of Diabetes. I also plan to lose weight. Also do some reading on why sugar is bad for you. There are tonnes of infos on the net. And you can also follow sweet_enough_life on Instagram for a lot of info on Sugar. Account is managed my Shaklee mentor - Master Puteri

Follow this IG pasti takuttt nak makan gula dah pasni hehehe

#5 Never skip breakfast

Breakfast like a champ coz it's the most important meal of the day. And it will certainly avoid you from having snack craving before lunch

My current favourite POWER brekkie - Overnight Oats

1 tbsp of ESP (to replace Milk)
1 tbsp of Meal Shakes
Few pieces of pitted prunes
6 tbsp of Oats
Refrigerate overnight
Add in kiwi (or your preferred fresh fruits) in the morning!

#6 Learn to read the Nutrition labels

Sebelum ni tak pernah kisah nak check labels. Since I started to join this challenge, I learnt that anything with sugar content more than 12 grams is not good. Also search for foods with low GI (like ESP, Cinch and Meal Shakes) Don't be fooled by so-called nutrition bars. Choose wisely.

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  1. i should write on my confessions too hahaha

  2. It's probably impossible for me to do it coz i have 3 choc monster at home constantly tempting me with choccies, cakes and ice cream. But nonetheless i'll give it a try :p. Thank you for the tips .

    1. Hehehe. You're welcome. The key is one small step at a time ;) Good luck!