Sunday, 19 October 2014

ESPerience It

A lot of my friends been saying that they're either bored with the plain Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein (ESP for short) or they can't stand the soy taste.

Well, I say why not spice the ESP a little bit. Here are some recipes that I've tried for the past few weeks. 

Yummy, no soy taste, no shaker used, no cooking involved and yet SO NUTRITIOUS!

Overnight Oats for breakfast

Definitely on the top of my list.

Rolled Oats
Chia seeds
1-2 tbsp of Shaklee ESP
1 tbsp of Shaklee Meal Shakes
Honey (optional)
Low fat milk (optional)

Mix all well with ratio of oats to milk+water 1:1. Refridgerate overnight. In the morning, add fresh fruits preferably strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries. And maybe some chopped almonds or bits of dark chocolate. Be creative and crazy :)

Overnight Oats with kiwi

Overnight Oats before been sent to rest overnight
Overnight Oats with strawberries

Overnight Oats with bits of Oat Krunch (Dark chocolate) cookies

Fruit smoothie for tea or a snack

Some strawberries or banana or any fuits you like.
2-3 tbsp of Shaklee ESP
Water to your liking

Blend them all together to form your fruit smoothie hooray! Yummy goodness in a cup :)

Banana and strawberry smoothie with crushed Oat Krunch cookies on top

Orange smoothie

Banana smoothie

Protein cubes

This is SUPER EASY i promise.

2 tbsp of Shaklee ESP/Mealshakes/Cinch (Vanilla/Choc/Cafe Latte)

Form a thick mixture and pour them in ice cube containers. You can be creative by using funky shapes and maybe add some chocolate chips for your little one(s). Let them rest in the freezer. When they're frozen, you can eat them raw, put them in your overnight oats or in a hot steaming coacoa. Your pick ;)

ESP + Cinch Cafe Latte cubes

ESP + Cinch Cafe Latte cubes

Overnight Oats with apples and protein cubes yum!

You can also follow @esperience _it on Instagram for more cool ESP recipes.

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